Introducing The Industry's Only Two-in-One Grocery and Restaurant POS system.

With over 65 years of experience developing hardware and software solutions for both table and quick-service restaurants, DUMAC has just added game-changing two-in-one grocerant technology to its RORCv6 POS system. That means you can now manage your in-store dining and grocery checkout with one system -- cutting your POS technology needs in half.

  • Use one common payment application for in-store dining and grocery checkout
  • Take dining orders at both in-store kiosks and cash registers
  • Ensure accurate cash management by creating one process for register counts
  • Maintain one set of books for dining and grocery sales
  • Increase order handoff efficiencies between kiosk and kitchen
  • Streamline business by allowing more orders to run through your system, leading to increased sales
  • Improve customer experience with mobile app

An open ecosystem that opens the doors of opportunity.

RORCv6's new, two-in-one POS module features both a Kitchen Display System and Kiosk application. Shoppers are now able to place their individual orders directly through any RORCv6 kiosk in-store, a feature that is new to the grocery space. Orders placed, either by a shopper through the kiosk or by a cashier at the register, will then be directly displayed to the kitchen through RORCv6's kitchen display system, creating a more efficient food preparation process.

See how this game-changing POS solution can help improve your in-store experience.

To schedule a demo, or to order RORC's new grocerant solution, please call 315-463-1010 ext. 4 or email

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