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See What You've Been Missing


The digital observation and recording systems we have been installing for over 10 years have been helping retailers and restaurant owners help control shrink and prevent litigation. Our systems from Panasonic & 3R Technologies can be sized to fit any configuration and have the capability of both storing and writing to disk events that occur in your operation.

The reasons for a digital observation and recording are as diverse as the people you employ and the customers you serve.

From remote viewing to customized recording based on schedules or events, the digital recorders we use eliminate the need for tapes (and the task of changing the tapes) and allow managers and owners to quickly go to the date and time an event occurred. Our interface to POS systems not only show the person ringing up an order but also the order that is being rung up.

From supermarkets to quick service to table service, with DUMAC’s solutions, you will See What You’ve Been Missing.

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